How to Recover Deleted or Lost Contacts from iPhone iPhone 7, 7Plus/6s/6/5

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It could be accidental or someone else just decided to screw you over, but deleting your contacts can not only lock you out of communications with friends and family, but it could cost you business clients—if you do use your iPhone 6 to contact clients and suppliers. Even scarier is the fact that it can happen to anyone, at any time of day or night—and it seems that such misfortune always happens when you least expect or are prepared for it. While it'd be pretty helpful to learn some of the smart ways available to help you avoid losing iPhone 6 contacts in the future, at the moment you'll still need a less geeky, straightforward and complete solution that works to help you recover lost contacts from iPhone device and keep in touch with the people in your life.


So, How do you recover deleted contacts from your iPhone 6?

Quick Tip: Use comprehensive, reputable and full-fledged deleted contacts recovery software. It could save you a lot of energy, time and money—not to mention maintaining your cool. Plus you need the contacts to stay on for the long term and not disappear again faster than you recovered them.  A simple search around the web brings up multiple options to choose from when you want to learn how to recover deleted contacts from iPhone 6 coffers. But none offers a better solution than the Mobiledic iOS Data Recovery Software. 


- Use the advanced algorithms to analyze all lost data from your iOS device.

- 3 solutions to retrieve data: Directly recover contacts from iPhone without backup, extract contacts from iTunes backup and also be able to restore contacts from iCloud backup.

- The ability to regain lost data due to misoperation, iOS update, Factory settings restore and  get damaged, crashed.


This program helps you with the recovery and prevention of future loss of your precious iPhone contacts. All you have to do to is download it your computer and follow the following step-by-by tutorial and see how it works.

Windows version
Mac version

Solution 1: Retrieve Contacts from Your iPhone without Backup

Step 1 Run the Program and Connect Your iPhone to PC

After you installed the program on your computer, then connect your iPhone with computer via the USB cable. In the main interface of the program, choose "Recover from iOS Device" option.


connect iPhone to computer


Step 2 Scan Lost Contacts and Other Data from Your Device

Once your device is detected by the program, click the "Start Scan" button to scan the data on your iPhone device. It will take some time to finish the scanning process, you can also stop it anytime.


scan your iPhone


Step 3 Preview the Found Contacts and Begin to Retrieve

When the scanning is finished, all the data will be scanned and listed in categories. Click 'Contacts' on the left and select the one you want to recover. Then click Recover button. Then recoverable data will be exported to your computer for backup. Besides contacts, you can also recover deleted messages on iPhone.


preview the contacts from iPhone

Solution 2: Restore iPhone Contacts from Previous iTunes Backup

If you have made some backup files with iTunes before, then you can easily restore your iPhone from old iTunes backup files without connecting your iPhone to computer.


Step 1 Scan iTunes Previous Backup Files

Launch the program, and select the "Recover from iTunes Backup" option, all the previous iTunes backup files will be detected and listed in the program. Select the targeted backup files and click "Start Scan" and next.

scan iTunes backup


Step 2 Select the Scanned Contacts and Get Back Them

The program will scan the selected backup file and extract the specific contents, you can check and preview details of your contacts, and save them on your computer by clicking "Recover".


get back the contacts from iTUnes

Solution 3: Extract Missing iPhone Contacts from iCloud Backup

Step 1 Log in iCloud Account

If you Sync your iPhone to iCloud before, the you can easily extract iPhone contacts from iCloud backup without device. Run the program and select third mode, and enter the Apple ID and password of your iCloud account.


Log in the iCloud account


Step 2 Download the iCloud Backup

When you log in your iCloud account, the program will detect the all previous iCloud backup files and download the latest backup to your computer. It will scan your backup files, click "Scan", and choose contacts you like, and finally, click "Recover".


Download the iCloud Backup


As you can see, Mobiledic iOS Recovery application help you regain your precious contacts in a simple, 3-step process: Connect your device, scan it and recover your lost contacts in not time. 


Frequently Asked Questions:

- Can I trust the program to do what it says it will?

Most users have fallen in love with this program and you likely will too. Over 2509 users like you rate the program at above 4.5 stars. It could suit you too. 


- Won't it log my details, and how safe is my personal data when I'm using this program?

You are right to mind how your financial and personal data is handled. The program is fitted with full encryption and advanced fraud protection mechanism to ensure your important details are guarded as closely as you'd like them to be. You preserve the right to reach out for the data you want recovered and you alone can prompt and approve the process with your iPhone 6.


- What if I'm not impressed?

Mobiledic seems to believe in its data recovery tool so much such that they offer a money back guarantee. The company offers a 30-day timeline for you to test and tweak your experience before deciding to carry on with the relationship. Better yet, download the free trial and test it before you hit the buy now button.  


If you recently downloaded new software that bugged your OS and lost your contacts, or accidentally deleted a part of your contacts list, or someone did it on your behalf, you should stop using your device to prevent lost data from being overwritten. Then try Mobiledic to get back your deleted contacts from iPhone 6. 

Windows version
Mac version



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