How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone with or without Backup

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"Can I recover deleted messages on iPhone?" A lot of people ask the same question over and over again. The deletion might be either caused by accident or software upgrade. Losing important texts from your iPhone could present a serious problem. This device is not just a versatile tool for communication; it has evolved into an excellent storage for all important information you want to keep so that you can access it anytime. It serves as a repository of all memorable moments in your life as you can take photos and videos with it and preserve these milestones in your life, hoping to keep them forever. But what if suddenly, you lose everything that you have saved in your device, like Text Messages?



Method 1: Retrieve Text Messages from iPhone without Backup

There are several things that could happen to your iPhone that could render it empty of everything. Sometimes, you drop it to the floor and it gets broken. Or you could be using it near a pool and drop it into the water. Or you could accidentally hit a button that causes all data to be deleted. Anything could happen under the sun that could cause the loss of all our data. In the past, this could be a hopeless situation for any iPhone owner but nowadays, this problem is very easy to fix. Mobiledic presents to you iOS Data Recoery, a software that can remedy the issues you encounter with your iPhone. It is so powerful that it can bring back all your lost data in just a few clicks. It is also the best tool to recover deleted text from iPhone device.


Take A Look at the Key Features:


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Step 1 Install, Run the Program and Connect Your iPhone to PC

After installing program on your computer, you are just a few steps away from recovering everything that you want to be restored. Then you should connect iPhone to computer via USB cable. Launch it and you will see main window like below.


connect iPhone to computer


Note: As you can see: it provies 3 recovery Methods on the left: "Recover from iOS Device", "Recover from iTunes backup", and "Recover from iCloud backup".


Step 2 Choose the Method and Begin to Scan Lost Messages on iPhone

If you need to retrieve text from your device but have no backup file, you have to select the Method Recover from iOS device. Once your device is detected by the program, then click the "Start Scan" button to deeply scan your device, the whole scanning may take several minutes.


scan your iPhone


Step 3 Preview the Scanned Data and Start to Recover

After the scanning, you can see all the found data will be listed in order on the left, click "Messages" to preview the detailed of your messages. Then just choose the one you want to recover. Then click "Recover" button to restore selected text to your computer. It also can retreive contacts, photos from iPhone without backup.


recover messages from iPhone

Method 2: Directly Extract Messages from Previous iTunes Backup

The program allows you to retrieve data from previous iTunes backup file, no matter you deleted your data from device or lost your device. This Method is capable of directly extracting SMS from iTunes backup ( Assuming you backed up your iPhone).


Step 1 Detect Previous iTunes Backup Files You Created

When launching the program, navigate to "Recover from iTunes backup" Method, the program will automatically detect all the previous iTunes backup files and listed in the program with details. Select the recent backup files and click "Start Scan" button to start iTunes extracting task.


scan iTunes backup


Step 2 Preview the Found SMS and Recover.

After scanning, all the content stored in your iTunes backup can be found and displayed in well-organized catalogue. Check the Messages tab to preview all messages, just selectively mark and recover those you want to recover, and hit "Recover" button.


get back the text messages from iTUnes

Method 3: How to Restore iPhone Messages from iCloud Backup

Step 1 Log in iCloud Account

If you didn't have iTunes backup,this program also allows you to extract text from iCloud backup, if you didn't have iTunes backup,this program also allows you to extract text from iCloud backup, assume that you've synced to iCloud. Choose the third Method "Recover from iCloud Backup" after launching the program, then enter Apple ID and password of your iCloud account.


Log in the iCloud account


Step 2 Download and Extract iCloud Backup File

After you entered the iCloud backup, the program will detect all previous iCloud backup and list them in the program. Select the recent backup and download. iCloud backup file will be downloaded to your computer, then click the "Scan" botton to scan the backup file. After scanning, selec the messages and click the "Recover" button.


Download the iCloud Backup


Method 4: Recover Deleted Text Messages on iPhone - iTunes Software

iTunes is one of the most important software for iPhone users.. It works as the device manager for your iPhone and it also helps to backup and restore iPhone backup files. If you have synced your iPhone with iTunes then follow the below steps to retrieve the lost messages.


Disclaimer: Performing this method will erase all the existing data on that iPhone. So be careful!


Step 1: Connect the iPhone to PC with the help of a USB data cable or thunderbolt.


Step 2: iTunes should be launched automatically but if it doesn't then simple open the app manually.


Step 3: Your device icon should be visible on the top left corner of iTunes app. Just click on it and it should show the general information of your iPhone.


Step 4: Under the backups section, you should see the "Restore Backup " button and click it.


Step 5: Now all the data from your previously saved backup file will be restored and it will remove and replace all the existing data on your iPhone. This should also recover the deleted messages assuming you have backed up the messages before deleting them to your iTunes. After the process is finished, open the messaging app on the iPhone and it should appear all the erased messages.


Restore from iTunes Backup


Method 5: Recover Deleted Messages on iPhone without Computer - iCloud

If you have never synced your iPhone with iTunes then perhaps you have used iCloud to back up the data from your iPhone. It is pretty similar to iTunes except iCloud saves all the backup files on remote server. In order to recover the deleted messages from iCloud, check out the following steps.


Step 1: Unlock the iPhone and go to Settings.


Step 2: Tap user name on the top and tap iCloud. You will see an option called Manage Storage. Now, tap "Backups". After that, all backup files will be displayed in a new screen.


Step 3: Select the backup file in which you believe the deleted text messages could exist. After you have found the backup file, you will have factory reset the entire iPhone in order to restore the files from the iCloud backup.


Note: This will definitely erase all the data from the iPhone and will recover all the files and data including messages from the iCloud backup file.


iCloud Backup on iPhone


Step 4: After factory resetting the iPhone, restart it and it should give you the option to Restore from iCloud. Tap on the Restore button and let the iPhone recover all the data from the iCloud backup file.


Method 6: Recover Deleted iPhone Texts - Contacting Service Provider

If you are running out of luck then the ultimate solution would be to calling the service provider, which may keep a full record of the text conversations and you are obviously entitled to ask them to access you those threads. You may also check the accounts online to see if there's a log of the messages but for many it is needed to connect with the customer service. Basically, you can call the customer support and ask them to provide you the full log of all the text messages.


Wireless Servie Providers


Many providers may not give you the access to the messages but many also may give you the access, there's nothing harm to ask right? So take your chance and hope for the best.

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