How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone 7/6S/6/5S to Android

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When you are switching from iPhone to Android, you definitely don't want to loose your WhatsApp chat messages and history during the transition. As you know, Android and iOS are different systems so you can't just transfer WhatsApp messages from one device to another without using a special program. This is no direct way to do that. However, you can easily copy WhatsApp messages from Android to Android or iPhone to iPhone with the backup feature.

Tutorial: Transfer WhatsApp Messages and Chat from iPhone to Android

In here, we are introducing the unique method to transfer WhatsApp messages and attachments between Android and iPhone. The program is called Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer Plus. It moves all WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android and will extract WhatsApp messages from your PC backup without the need of rooting or Jailbreaking. This will dramatically reduce the pain during the transfer process. Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer Plus will backup and restore your WhatsApp messages, including photos, videos, and other attached files. The software is easy to use and does not require special technical know how.

Windows Version
Mac Version

Step 1 Install Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer Plus on PC or Mac

Download Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer Plus onto a PC or Mac. This doesn't take long and is a totally free for download. Then double click the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install it correctly on the computer.


Make sure you have the latest version of iTunes installed the computer and USB debugging is enabled on that Android phone. Also ensure that you have downloaded WhatsApp onto your Android device.  


Mobiledic WhatsApp transfer for Windows and Mac


Step 2 Connect iPhone to Computer and Start Backing up WhatsApp on Computer

Plug your iPhone to your PC or Mac with USB cable. When the iPhone is connected, Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer Plus will automatically detect it. After that, the program starts to scan backup files on the computer. If nothing found, then it will backup the iPhone automatically. Click on the iPhone icon on the left sidebar and you can see all WhatsApp messages on iPhone are displayed on the screen.


Step 3 Connect Android Phone to Computer and Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone

At this time, connect your Android to computer and there is a message popping up on your phone's screen. Tap on "Backup my data" and click OK on computer to continue to proceed.


Now, click on iPhone icon and select "Transfer messages from iPhone to Android", or choose File > Transfer messages from iPhone to Android. All selected WhatsApp messages from your iPhone will be transferred over to your Android phone in less than 7 minutes. You can also right click on your Android and choose "Transfer messages from iPhone to Android".


whatsapp transfer from ios to android


Note: You might not want to transfer all of your messages but only the ones that matter. With Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer Plus, you can also choose a specific conversation you wish to transfer over. To do this, choose the contacts whose messages you want to transfer, then click on their name, select "Transfer messages from iPhone to Android" and only those conversations will be transferred to Android.


Tips 1: If you are switching phones and only have the one SIM card, firstly connect your iPhone with the SIM still in it and transfer WhatsApp messages to your PC or Mac with Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer Plus. When all of those messages are backed up. Remove your iPhone and take out the SIM and place it into your new Android. Install WhatsApp Messenger on your Android and make sure USB debugging is enabled. Connect your Android to your PC or Mac and transfer messages from the local backup.


Tips 2: If you can't see your WhatsApp messages on your Android after you have completed your transfer , then follow these steps on your phone to fix it: Go to Settings > Apps >All > WhatsApp > and then clear cache and app data. You may get a message saying this will delete all of your messages, but it won't. When you open WhatsApp next your chat history will begin coming in and your messages will be restored.

Windows Version
Mac Version



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