How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to Another iPhone

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With over 1 billion downloads, WhatsApp is the highest downloaded messaging app from Apple app store. It is supported all the major operating systems including Android, Windows and iOS. The key feature is that you can send text messages, voice call, video call and exchange multimedia files with anyone in the world and on top of that, it is absolutely free to use. Well not, totally free, you still need an internet connection to use this app but it is significantly less costly than sending text messages.


But there are some demerits of WhatsApp as well. Like, you can't transfer WhatsApp messages from one iPhone to another without using any external software. Luckily, there are some ways to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone, which we will discuss in this article. The reason you may need to transfer WhatsApp messages is that you may have multiple iPhones or maybe you decided to upgrade your iPhone. In that case, you don't want to leave the WhatsApp messages behind on your old iPhone. In this guide, we will learn how to transfer WhatsApp messages from one iPhone to another iPhone.

Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone with iTunes

Most of iPhone users are familiar with iTunes. It is the recommended desktop software to manage, backup and restore iOS devices. So you can backup the old iPhone with it and restore from the backup on the new iPhone. Here are the steps on how to backup and restore WhatsApp messages on iPhone:


Step 1: Update iTunes to latest version and launch it later.


Step 2: Connect the old iPhone to your computer using a USB data cable. Under "Summary" tab, click "Back up Now". All the data on iPhone will be backed up on the computer.


restore itunes from itunes


Step 3: After backup, disconnect the old iPhone and connect the new iPhone to the computer. From the "Summary" page, click "Restore Backup".


Step 4: Restore WhatsApp messages using the backup file from old iPhone. Now, all WhatsApp messages should be transferred to the new iPhone.


That should be able to transfer entire WhatsApp messages from one iPhone to another iPhone. However, this will transfer all the data from the old backup file and you have no choice to only select the important ones. If you only need to transfer certain WhatsApp chat conversations, then follow the metod being discussed in below.

Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone with Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer

But if you find this method difficult or if you want to transfer specific chat messages from your iPhone then use the following method to get the job done. In this next guide, we will using an external software called Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer to move the message from the source iPhone to target iPhone. In addition, you can use the same software to export and print out WhatsApp messages too.

Windows Version
Mac Version

Step 1 Install Mobiledic WhatsApp Transfer Plus on PC or Mac

Quickly head on to Mobiledic official website and download the program on your computer. Open and install it on your system and launch the program for the first time.


Mobiledic WhatsApp transfer for Windows and Mac


Step 2 Connect both iPhones to Computer

Make sure to connect both iPhones to computer using two different USB data cables. The software should automatically detect both devices and display them on the main interface of the software.


Step 3 Preview and Transfer WhatsApp Messages

Now you will be able to preview each and every WhatsApp message on the main screen of the software.From here you can either transfer all WhatsApp messages or you can transfer only selected messages you want. Right click on the source iPhone and click on "Transfer Messages from iPhone to iPhone". Simply, choose the target iPhone in which you want to transfer the messages and let the software do the rest of the work for you. You should now be able to see all WhatsApp messages on the new iPhone.


whatsapp transfer from ios to android


Transfer WhatsApp Messages from iPhone to iPhone helps to transfer WhatsApp messages not only from iPhone to iPhone but also from Android to iPhone and vice versa. You can use the same software to backup WhatsApp chats and restore them on your other mobile devices. Also, you can extract multimedia files such as images and audio using this software.


Windows Version
Mac Version



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