How to Completely Wipe iPhone/iPad/iPod Clean, 100% Unrecoverable

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Since, mobile phone is the most travel friendly gadget; it has become one of the main tools for most people to store several personal data and information. Mobile phones are unarguably the most convenient gadgets to carry. Therefore, people are relying on storing important information, pictures and many personal data in it. Thus, it is very important for anyone who is thinking of selling his iPhone or iPad, to make sure that all these personal details are deleted permanently, so that there are no chances of it getting exploited by anyone. To make sure of the same, there are simple methods which can be adopted to wipe iPhone clean.


Beware of Identity Theft - Simple Deletion Is Not Far Enough

In order to ensure complete security before selling off a phone, there are some necessary steps needed to be followed by any individual. Private information like bank details, passwords and even pictures and identity proof should be deleted as a precautionary step from falling prey to identity theft. Even though there are options of delete and factory restore in every Apple device, it is needed to be noticed that these data are recoverable. The techniques like this are unable to permanently delete these files. Thus, they are prone to major risks which can cause extreme trouble for any person. By storing a backup somewhere else, any person can rely on secured sources to completely delete the personal files before handing over the phone to someone else.


Install Safe Erasing Software - iOS Data Eraser

One of the safest software to rely on for wiping iPhone, iPad and iPod clean is Mobiledic Safe Eraser. An individual is required to install this app on this computer and connect iDevice to computer. There are five different modes of Mobiledic iOS Eraser. While one of these modes is the fastest and does a quick erasing work. Equip with advanced erasing algorithm, which can overwrites these data for up to seven times, safely and completely destroy your private data. Thus, it can be ensured that the erased data are entirely unrecoverable even with the help of any advanced revival tool.



If you're unsure whether this program works for you, you can download a trial version by clicking the above button, and follow our tutorial to delete everything on iPhone.

Windows version
Mac version

Tutorial: How to Wipe iPhone, iPad and iPod Clean before Selling

Step 1 Install Program and Run it. Connect Your iDevice to A Computer

After downloading, install and run the program on a computer (Windows and Mac ), and connect your iPhone iDevice with the computer, when your device is detected, you can see the window as below:


Main panel of iOS safe wiper


Step 2 Select the Right Erasing Mode

Now there  have five different models to choose from. To wipe your iPhone clean, we suggest you select the mode "Erase All Data" on the primary window of the program.


iPhone Data Wiper


Step 3 Start to Wipe All Data from Your iPhone, iPad and iPod

When you choose this erasing mode, make sure you've backed up your data, once the deletion is finish, nothing can be restored. Then there will be a windows asking you to type "delete" to confirm the erasing. And click "Now Erase", waiting for a while, it will appear "Successfully" in the window.


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confirm erasing



It is also important for any person to make sure that the backups are stored properly. It should be kept in mind that in no way these data can be availed ever again. Thus, with the help of software as such, any individual will be able to secure himself from falling prey to unwanted risks. It will not be possible for any tool to recover these details ever again. Thus, by depending on sources as such one can ensure complete security of personal files. The user will be provided with a comprehensive and informative guide to operate the software as well.


Thus by following simple steps above, a user will be able to wipe iPhone, iPad and iPod clean very easily, without resorting to any extra help.

Windows version
Mac version



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