Metis Review – Empowering Your Data Science Journey

Metis is a data science and analytics training platform that focuses on developing the skills of individuals and teams. The software aims to enable professionals to upskill and stay relevant in a constantly evolving field. The platform offers comprehensive bootcamps, corporate training, and professional development programs designed to impart the necessary skills and knowledge required to thrive in the data science industry.

The demand for data skills has been growing at an exponential rate and continues to rise. The need for insights that drive decision-making and problem-solving in companies across various industries is driving this rise. As such, there’s never been a better time to learn the necessary skills, and Metis is here to make that happen.

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What does Metis do?

Metis offers various programs that cater to individuals, teams, and enterprises. Some of the core features of the software include:

Data Science Bootcamps: These are immersive, in-person, full-time or part-time training sessions that cover various subjects such as Python, machine learning, and more. They aim to equip students with the skills to solve real-world problems, and students can expect to work on several projects that build their portfolios.

Corporate Training: These programs are customized to meet each company’s specific needs. They entail training employees on the company’s data needs, and the training can either be onsite or online.

Professional Development: This is an online program designed for professionals who want to continue learning without disrupting their work schedules. It offers flexibility, and individuals can choose the pace at which they learn.


The price of Metis depends on the program or service that an individual or team selects. The following is a pricing guide for each service:

Service Price
Data Science Bootcamps $17,000
Corporate Training Customized
Professional Development $749/month

Note: Prices listed are subject to change and only serve as a general guide. Please visit the Metis website for current pricing information.

Review Ratings:

The following are ratings for various aspects of Metis, based on a scale of 1 to 5.

Item Rating
Effectiveness ☆☆☆☆
Support ☆☆☆☆
Service ☆☆☆☆
Quality ☆☆☆☆☆
Value for Money ☆☆☆
  • Effectiveness: The program is comprehensive and covers various subjects, making it very effective. However, some students have reported that it can feel rushed, particularly during the Bootcamp programs.
  • EASE-OF-USE: The platform is straightforward and easy to navigate. The learning materials and resources are well organized.
  • Support: The support team is responsive and helpful, making it easy to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. However, some students have reported that the support team can be unresponsive at times.
  • Service: The level of service is average, although it’s worth noting that the company does offer various learning methods that cater to different needs.
  • Quality: The quality of instruction, learning materials, and overall program infrastructure is exceptional. Students can expect to have access to various resources such as online classrooms, workshops, and peer-to-peer networking opportunities.
  • Value for Money: The price of the program is high, particularly for the Bootcamp programs, which may put off some students who cannot afford the service.

What I Like:

I appreciate the variety of learning options that Metis offers, making it possible for individuals to upskill regardless of their circumstances. The company has a good reputation, and the learning materials, resources, and instruction provided are exceptional. Additionally, Metis has an extensive alumni network, which provides students with an opportunity to connect and network with professionals in the industry.

What I Don’t Like:

The price of the Bootcamp programs is quite high, making them inaccessible to many. Additionally, some students have reported that the programs can feel a little too rushed, particularly as you move closer to project deadlines.

What Could Be Better:

  • Accessibility: With the growing demand for data skills, it would be good to see Metis offer more affordable and accessible learning options.
  • Instruction: As data science is a constantly evolving field, it may be worth reviewing the instruction and coursework materials to ensure they remain current and relevant.
  • Program Flexibility: The Bootcamp programs, in particular, are quite rigid. It would be great to see more flexibility in terms of the timing, pace, and format of these programs.

How to Use Metis:

The following are the steps to use Metis:

Step 1: Visit the Metis website and select the program that best suits your needs.

Step 2: Follow the instructions to enroll in the program.

Step 3: Access the learning materials, resources, and instruction provided on the platform.

Step 4: Attend any online/offline workshops, classes, and networking opportunities if necessary.

Step 5: Complete the program requirements and assessments.

Alternatives to Metis:

There are several other options available for individuals looking to improve their data science skills. The following are three alternatives to Metis:

DataCamp: This is a learning platform that offers various courses designed to teach individuals the necessary skills required for data science. The platform offers various free and paid courses and is much more affordable than Metis.

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Udacity: This is another platform that offers various courses in data science and analytics. It offers a range of different programs suitable for professionals with varying levels of experience.

Download Link

Springboard: This is a platform that offers various online courses in data science and analytics. The website has a range of courses covering topics such as Python, machine learning, and more.

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Q1: Who can enroll in Metis programs?

A: Metis programs are open to anyone interested in data science, from professionals to beginners.

Q2: Are there any prerequisites for enrollment?

A: Yes. You must have some experience in programming, preferably with Python. Additionally, some courses may require strong mathematical knowledge.

Q3: What kind of post-program support does Metis offer?

A: After completing a program, students have access to career support for up to six months. This support includes interview and resume preparation, networking events, and job search assistance.

Q4: What job opportunities are available after completing a Metis program?

A: After completing a program, graduates can expect to work as data scientists, data analysts, machine learning engineers, and more.

Q5: Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with the program?

A: Refund policies vary depending on the program. It’s best to check with Metis before enrolling.

Final Words:

Overall, Metis is an excellent platform for individuals and teams looking to upskill and stay relevant in the field of data science. The company provides comprehensive instruction, resources, and support to ensure students get the best possible education. Although the program is quite expensive, it’s worth noting that it comes with significant benefits such as a well-established alumni network and post-program career support.