Mobiledic Phone Transfer One Stop Solution to Tansfer Everything between Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Nokia


Just 3 Steps to Move Content between Different Phones, Safe and Risk-Free

With Mobile Phone Transfer application in your hand, you would no longer have to worry that how to move content between iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Nokia system. It can directly read the data  structure on your phone and transfer to the target phone without third party application,  zero quality loss.

3 steps to move data from iOS to Android
iphone to Android transfer

Take A Closer Look at Key Features

  • • Easily transfer content between iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Symbian, Just One Click!
  • •100% fully transfer: contacts, sms, photo, music, video, apps.
  • • Protect personal data by Permanently Erasing Your Old Phone.
  • • Simply backup your Android to PC and restore anytime.
  • • • Permanently Erase Everything from Android & iOS Phone New

100% Copy Everything Across Different Devices

Phone Transfer is an amazing desktop app, designed ideally for managing and syncing content among different smartphone. No matter it is an Android phone, an iPhone or even for elderly Nokia Symbian powered phone.

It fully supports American Networks: AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Aio Wireless, Cricket Wireless, U.S. Cellular, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile.

support all Android phones

Risk-Free Phone Transfer Application and Zero Quality Loss

No matter what the operating system your the destination phone is, this phone transfer program can be able to identify all popular operating system and fast and safely copy your phone data which is 100% same as your original data. All the content will be saved on the corresponding destination.

fast and safely move content from phone to phone

Transfer Data from Phone to Phone in One-Click, Designed for You

The App makes it extremely easy to transfer data across different operation system without problems. It covers everything as far as users concerned– contacts, messages, call history, photos, video, files, apps and more.. It also work with Phone across Different Networks, like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile.

Call logs
Android to Android

Android to iOS

iOS to Android

iOS to iOS

iCloud to Android

iCloud to iOS

iOS to PC

Android to PC
BlackBerry to Android

iTunes backup to Android

iCloud backup to Android

Nokia to Android

Nokia to iOS

backup and restore phone

Permanently Erase Data from Your Old Phone


Near all devices are using phone memory and SIM to store contact phone number, text and other private data. So it is really very essential for us to erase all private data before selling our Mobile phones online, because critical information can be stolen. Deleting information on your mobile phone does not mean that it is erased completely; there are a million programs that can easily recover them back.


Erase existing data: Ease everything on your Android and iOS devices.

Erase deleted data: Permanently erase all deleted data in the phone memory and SIM without recovery.


Backup and Restore Data in Lossless Quality


Ensure Data Security

In order to ensure the safety and integrity of data, the program allows you backup all data from your phone to PC.


Backup and Restore Later

When you switch a new phone, you can backup your data to PC and directly restore to other supported device without loss. Save your time.

Transfer iTunes to Any Supported Device

You're allowed to easily move data from iTunes to any Android , also extract iTunes backup and transfer data to any supported devices.



  • iPhone to Samsung Transfer
  • backup and restore phone to computer
  • Android to Nokia
  • erase data from phones
  • transfer music from iTunes to Android


Our Customers Love It – and You Will, Too

"Mobile Phone Transfer program is a useful and innovative package which can transfer many different types of data from my old iPhone 4s to Samsung S6 without any problems, it also help me erase all personal info from old iPhone, I like it. "


"Firstly, I have to commend the Mobiledic Android data recovery program to the person in need, actually I'm just surprised that it can restore my lost data (SMS & contacts) from a water damaged Samsung S4." (data & contacts) from a water

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