Pop Collector Review – Organize Your Pop Vinyl Collections with Ease

Have you recently discovered a love for Funko Pop Vinyl figures? Maybe you’re an experienced collector looking to expand your collection or organize what you already have. Whatever your reason, a reliable software to help manage your Pop Vinyls may be just what you need. In this review, we will be discussing Pop Collector by A.K. Software’s, which claims to be the ultimate tool for managing your Pop collection.

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What Is Pop Collector?

Pop Collector is a software tool designed to help collectors organize and manage their Pop Vinyl collection. It comes with a variety of features, and it is specifically made for Funko Pop Vinyl collectors.


The current price for Pop Collector is $24.99. However, before you spend your money, it is important to know what you are getting for the price.


Pop Collector offers a user-friendly interface that allows collectors to create an inventory of their Pop Vinyls quickly. The software comes with a search feature that enables you to identify Pop Vinyls based on various criteria, including collection series, brand, and theme. It also provides options for adding new items, tracking movements, and storing information such as box condition, valuation, purchase date, and much more.

Pros & Cons:

Like any software, Pop Collector has its positive and negative sides, and these are worth considering before purchasing.


– Easy to use interface
– Excellent search feature
– Highly customizable
– Capability to store numerous data points and information on each figure.


– Some users reported experiencing glitches with the software
– No mobile-friendly version available
– No automatic online connectivity for updating collection.

Our Thoughts On Pop Collector

Overall, Pop Collector is a good tool for managing your Pop Vinyl collection with precision and ease, especially if you’re a serious collector with many items to manage. The fact that it’s custom-built for Pop collectors gives it a clear edge over other generic collection management software applications out there. However, this tool may not be for everyone. While it is relatively easy to use, some users who are less tech-savvy may find some of the features challenging to figure out initially.

What Pop Collector Identifies

Pop Collector was made for collectors, by collectors. As such, it is perfect for those looking to identify and manage their Funko Pop Vinyls with depth. The software provides users with the capability of organizing their collection by various attributes such as series, release year, theme, and brand. With accurate identification, collectors can keep track of different inventory data such as the condition of the box or items, rarity, and the current state of the collection.

How To Use Pop Collector?

If you decide to use Pop Collector to manage your collection, there are few essential steps you need to follow. Here is a brief guide to using Pop Collector:

Step 1: Download and install Pop Collector on your computer.

Step 2: Open the software on your computer, and begin by adding new items to your inventory. You can do this by manually typing the information, scanning the barcode, or taking a picture of the item with the software’s built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function.

Step 3: Once you’ve added all your items, identify them further by assigning categories such as brand, series, year, and more. You can also track additional special edition versions of a figure or note if it’s a signed or unopened box.

Step 4: Utilize the searching feature, filters and sorting options to get a better understanding of your inventory based on your collection specifics.

Step 5: After you have identified your items and organized your inventory to your liking, save your collection to your computer storage drive.

Alternatives to Pop Collector

While Pop Collector has plenty of features and is custom-designed for Pop Vinyl collectors, it may not be the best option for everyone. Here are some alternatives to consider.

1. CLZ Comics:

This software company offers different inventory management tools, including one specifically for Comic books, another for the general collection, and one made for Pop collectors under the name CLZ POP. CLZ Comics has an extensive database with many search options, connectivity, and online synchronization options to keep your inventory always up-to-date. The deluxe version of CLZ POP costs $29.99.

2. Stashpedia:

Like Pop Collector, Stashpedia is specifically made for Funko Pop Vinyl Collectors. This free software is available online and via an app that can be downloaded to mobile devices. It allows users to keep track of their collection with features like Cataloging, Barcode Scanning, and filtering capabilities for sorting and sub-collections. The App also created community access, where users can see what others are collecting.

3. Collectionary:

Collectionary is a free online database tool that is a collector-driven platform that assists collector’s tracking or managing items in their collection, including Pop Vinyls. The software offers users access to an extensive database, community activities, and collection data storage which is interchangeable between social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. The software’s limitation, it’s more of a search engine database.

By researching the alternatives to Pop Collector, you can find the tool that best suits your needs and preferences, regardless of what they may be.

To download CLZ Comics, visit Download Link

To download Stashpedia, visit Download Link

To download Collectionary, visit Download Link

5 FAQs About Pop Collector

Q1: Can I use Pop Collector on my mobile device?

A: No. The Software is a desktop application intending for use on PCs and Macs.

Q2: Can I export data from Pop Collector?

A: Yes! Pop Collector enables you to export your data in Excel format, so you can quickly and easily transfer your data to other software.

Q3: What currency does Pop Collector use?

A: Pop Collector uses the USD by default. You can customize the prices based on other currencies by modifying the conversion rate within the preferences.

Q4: Can I backup my collection?

A: Yes! Pop Collector has an auto-backup feature that helps to prevent data loss.

Q5: Does Pop Collector offer technical support or customer service?

A: Yes! Pop Collector offers email support, online guides and tutorials, and a website providing answers to your frequently asked questions.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Pop Collector is an outstanding tool for serious Funko Pop Vinyl collectors looking for a way to manage their collections with precision and depth. Despite its price tag, Pop Collector has an array of features to make collection managing as hassle-free as possible. However, if you’re not looking for something so specific to Pop Vinyl collectors, this software may not be the best choice. So if you’re one who values organization and knows a good interface when you see one, then Pop Collector should be up at the top of your list.