Surfcop Review – Keep Your Employees Productive and Secure Online

In today’s digital age, it is essential to ensure that employees use their work devices for work-related purposes only and abstain from any online activities that may hamper their productivity or compromise security. However, monitoring every employee’s online activity manually is an arduous and time-consuming task, which leaves room for errors and incomplete reports. This is where Surfcop comes into the picture, an efficient monitoring software that enables businesses to track and filter web usage among employees.

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What does Surfcop do?

Surfcop is a user-friendly monitoring software that allows businesses to keep track of their employee’s online activities. Below are some of the core features that Surfcop offers:

Web Filtering: With Surfcop, business owners can restrict employee access to specific websites, categories, or keywords that are not work-related. The web filtering option can be customized according to the needs of the business.

Time Management: The time management feature in Surfcop allows businesses to control the duration of time employees spend on specific websites. This feature helps businesses to enhance their productivity by reducing time-wasting on unrelated websites.

Monitoring and Reporting: Surfcop allows businesses to monitor the online activity of employees in real-time, which enables them to detect any unauthorized or suspicious activity. Furthermore, Surfcop provides detailed reports on employee web usage, including their activity log, user sessions, and bandwidth usage.


Below are the pricing details for Surfcop:

Plan Price
Basic $3.50 per user per month
Premium $4.50 per user per month
Enterprise Custom pricing available on request

Review Ratings

Below are the review ratings for Surfcop:

Effectiveness EASE-OF-USE Support Service Quality VALUE FOR MONEY
  • Effectiveness: Surfcop’s web filtering and time management features are effective in enhancing productivity among employees and ensuring a secure workplace.
  • EASE-OF-USE: Surfcop’s interface is user-friendly, and employees can quickly adapt to its features without any technical knowledge.
  • Support: Surfcop provides responsive and helpful customer support.
  • Service: Surfcop’s service is reliable, with minimal downtime.
  • Quality: Surfcop provides high-quality monitoring features that deliver accurate and detailed reports.
  • VALUE FOR MONEY: Surfcop offers reasonable pricing for its comprehensive features.

What I Like

Surfcop’s web filtering feature allows businesses to control the websites their employees visit, leading to increased productivity. Its time management feature controls the time spent on non-work-related websites, further improving productivity. Surfcop’s detailed reporting provides relevant information on employee web usage patterns, helping business owners to make informed decisions.

What I Don’t Like

The Enterprise pricing structure can be confusing to businesses that need customized pricing and may require additional support to clarify it.

What Could Be Better

Cross-Compatibility: Surfcop currently only works on Windows devices, limiting its potential audience. Expanding compatibility to other operating systems such as Mac and Linux would broaden its reach.

User Analytics: While Surfcop provides detailed reports on employee web usage patterns, adding user analytics could help businesses to identify common employee browsing habits and take measures to improve productivity.

Mobile Compatibility: In today’s bring your device (BYOD) workplace, ensuring that employees’ mobile devices are also monitored can be critical in maintaining security. Surfcop could expand its features to include mobile devices and make the software more versatile and in-demand.

How to Use Surfcop

Step 1: Visit Surfcop’s website and create an account.

Step 2: Download and install the Surfcop software.

Step 3: Customize the web filtering and time management options according to your business needs.

Step 4: Monitor your employees’ online activities from the Surfcop dashboard.

Alternatives to Surfcop

Below are some alternatives to Surfcop:

Q1: Net Nanny

A popular monitoring software, Net Nanny, provides customizable web filtering options, time management features, and real-time monitoring and reporting. Net Nanny offers pricing plans starting at $39.99 per year.

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Q2: StaffCop

StaffCop provides businesses with real-time desktop monitoring, online activity filtering, and advanced reporting options. The pricing for StaffCop starts at $43 per user per year.

Download Link

Q3: Work Examiner

Work Examiner offers businesses comprehensive monitoring features such as web filtering, key logging, screen capturing, and data loss prevention. Work Examiner’s pricing starts at $45 per user per year.

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5 FAQs about Surfcop

Q1: Is Surfcop compatible with every web browser?

A: Yes, Surfcop can work with most modern web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Q2: Does Surfcop track employee keystrokes or monitor conversations?

A: No, Surfcop only monitors employee web activity, and it does not track keystrokes or monitor conversations.

Q3: Is Surfcop hard to install and use?

A: No, Surfcop has a user-friendly interface, and it is easy to install and use.

Q4: Can Surfcop detect suspicious web activity?

A: Yes, Surfcop can detect suspicious web activity and provide real-time monitoring reports.

Q5: Does Surfcop offer customer support?

A: Yes, Surfcop provides customer support via email, phone, and chat.

Final Words

Surfcop is a versatile monitoring software that helps businesses to enhance productivity while also providing secure and reliable online experiences for employees. With its web filtering, time management, and real-time monitoring features, Surfcop remains a top choice for businesses looking for a comprehensive monitoring solution.