How to Bypass Windows 10/8/7 Administrator Password without Resetting

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"I have tried everything, but nothing seems to work in recovering my Windows 7 admin password?"


"I just upgraded to Windows 10 and somehow I have lost my Windows 10 Password, now what?"


"Is there any way I can get access to my Windows 8.1 Locked account without software?"


If you were one of those victims withe above questions, then you have come just to the right place. The usual suggestions that you get to see here and there randomly on open forums, are mere pointers and not a full scale guideline to tell where to start your attempt from and what you will arrive at. Apart from that, there is so much amalgamation of solutions that it has diluted the authenticity of many methods and users get confused over what to choose really. That is why we are still writing about this old and boring topics.


Forgetting computer login password is so common in these days. You can either recover the password or just bypass the login screen. We prefer the later options as it is much faster and a lot of options are out there. In here, we will share 3 useful tips to bypass Windows logon password without software or resetting the device.



Method 1: Bypass Windows Password without Software (Check around)

A lot of people keep a good habit - write down the important staff such as password on a notebook or secure place, just for the sake of emergencies like these. So the first action when you forgot the password is to check all possible places where the password was stored. It might be on a paper, notbook or remote server such as EverNote. Or ask your family memebers, kids or co-worker if they could remember the password.


Another trick is to try out the password most people use. This is still a valid solution if you were using simple password for login. Feel free to try them out as Windows don't have limitation on this.


Weak Windows Login Password

Method 2 : How to Bypass Windows 10/8/7 Admin Password Instantly

If you couldn't find the password and don't want to lost any data on the computer, then this is the best way you can try out currently by using a Windows password removal tool. The greatest benefit is that the password removal process is easy to follow and no damage being made to the computer. The only cost is paying for a few bucks, which is less important for the data stored on the device, right?


So in this section, we will use Mobiledic Windows Password Recovery to bypass the password from locked admin account and bypass login screen automatically. The whole process will be done in less than 5 minutes. Pretty amazing, right?

Main Features of Windows Password Recovery:
  • Bypass Windows login password very quickly.
  • 100% secure without data damage.
  • Support various Windows desktop and server editions.
  • Fully compatible with mainstream computer brands, such as Dell, HP, ThinkPad, etc...
  • Secured, safe, 100% efficient, and reliable.


Windows version
Mac version


Step 1 Install and Run Windows Password Recovery on a New PC or Mac

Download the program first and install it on the another working computer PC or Mac. You will see the following screenshot when you open the program.


Windows Password Recovery Run


Step 2 Create Windows Password Bypassing Disk with USB or CD

You have two options to make a password bypassing disk: USB or CD/DVD. It is your turn now! Connect one media device to computer and browse the ISO image from the local fodler. After that, burn the ISO files to create the bootable disk. Click "Ok" to abort the burning session on completion and take out the bootable drive.


Windows Boot Settings in BIOS



Step 3 Bypass Windows Local Administrator Password

Power on the locked computer and revise the boot order to prioritize the inserted drive as the first booting device from the BIOS setting page. After that, the program interface will be displayed on the screen as well as user accounts.


Select a locked account from the list, and click "Reset Password" button to get rid the password from the computer. Then take out the disk and reboot the computer. No password is prompting on login screen anymore. The computer will get into desktop in default.


Windows Password Recovery reset


Bypassing forgotten or lost Windows password is not a tricky task at all if you had luck to use Mobiledic Windows Password Recovery. It is the simplest solution out there and much better than other password recovery tools.

Windows version
Mac version

Method 3: Bypass Admin Password with SA Account (Windows 7 Only)

SA is short for Super Administrator on Windows, this characteristic account is created by default when you install or upgrade Windows OS at the very first time. It generally remains out of sight to avoid the possibility of treading any unfair path to access your admin account by any trespassers. But in vicissitudes like these, you have to activate it to get into the locked computer first and then reset the password for the account locked


Step 1: Turn off your computer first and turn it on again. Once seeing the lock screen coming into view, hit the "Shift" key 5 times incessantly and the super admin account icon will appear on the home screen.


Super Admin Password Windows 7


Step 2: Now enter your computer by signing in with the super admin account. For the record, it would not need any password for swift entry.


Step 3: After you are in, right click the "This PC" icon to select "Manage" option from the dropping menu. The computer management operating window is ON now.


Step 4: Here trace "Local Users and Groups" tab and then "User" tab under it. On seeing the locked account name, right click on it and choose "Set Password".


Step 5 : Create a new on the new page that ensues twice for confirmation. Sign out, and sign in this time for the same locked account but with the newly created password.


Set Admin Password


This trick is highly commendable, but your super admin account should have been activated prior to the password lock, or else it's not going to work.


If you are clear about the beneficial factors of using Mobiledic Windows Password Recovery over other methods as described above, then you clearly know how to start your password bypassing attempts, but if you are still not sure, and need some extra experience you can try out the next methods.


Once you gain access, note down the new password, and store it somewhere like Google drive or cloud servers, so that you can access it from anywhere using any computer in the future.




Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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