How to Remove Login or Administrator Password from Windows 10/7/8

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How do you remove a login password on Windows 10? Although Windows 10 password represents a very important security level for your PC, there may be times when you don't want to keep entering it every time at the startup. If you had a home PC that nobody else uses, you may want to do this. There are a couple of scenarios in which you need to do this, so let's have a look at solutions.


Method 1: How to Remove Windows Admin Password If You Already Knew

If you already knew the current password, you can access your computer without any issue. As long as you're logged in and you have administrator privileges with that login, you can easily remove or reset Windows password without the use of any special tool or complicated command prompt. Duplicate the following steps on your PC after logging in:


Step 1: Open the Run dialog box using Windows + R.


Step 2:Type in "netplwiz" in the box (without quotes) and hit Enter or click "OK".


Netplwiz disable password


Step 3: Go to the Users tab in the User Accounts window and sign in with your admin login and password.


Step 4: After selecting the user name in the users list, uncheck the ticked box next to which it says "User must enter a user name and password to use this computer." Click on "Apply" to save the settings and then "OK" to exit. Now, the password for that user is disabled so no password required for login.


You can now restart your computer, and you won't need to enter a password for that particular account. But what if you don't know the password? How do you bypass the login password requirement then? Below, we've shown you two great utilities that can unlock your PC by removing the password.

Method 2 : How to Get Rid of Startup Password on Windows 10/7/8

How about the available solution if you forgot the password? You have to use Windows password recovery or reset software to finally remove the password from computer. No other ways around as far as I know! There are tons of such programs, which one you can put trust on?


Mobiledic Windows Password Recovery is a popular and well-respected password recovery software that works well by letting you create a password reset disk on a different PC. You can then use that disk to unlock your PC for which you forgot the password. There's no technical expertise required to use this software. The ISO file will be burned to a disk or drive based on your choice, and all you need to do is boot up the locked PC using this boot drive or disk and make a couple of mouse clicks.

Windows version
Mac version

Step 1 Install Windows Password Remover

Download Windows Password Recovery from the this site and install it on a secondary Windows PC or Mac. Open the software and you will see this interface.


Windows Password Recovery Run


Step 2 Burn Password Reset Disk

Insert a USB drive or DVD/CD and use the appropriate "Burn"' button to create a bootable disk for password removal.


Windows Boot Settings in BIOS



Step 3 Quickly Remove Login Password from Windows

Next, use this drive or disk to boot up your locked PC. You will need to go into the boot menu during the boot up in order to change the boot priority. To do this, the F2 or other special key must be pressed while the computer boots.


Once your PC boots from the media, you will see several options in the software interface. Select the Windows version and the user name of the locked account, then click on "Reset Password" and wait for the reset process to complete.


Windows Password Recovery reset


When you reboot your computer after removing the reset drive or disk, you won't need to enter a password. This is by far the easiest way to remove password protection from Windows because it doesn't require any special knowledge. The software does it all, so you have to do very little.

Windows version
Mac version

Method 3: How to Remove Administrator Password in Windows 8/8.1/7

The Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, or ONTP&RE, is another powerful tool for removing or resetting passwords, but there are several steps to follow since the utility doesn't offer any means of creating bootable media on a USB or DVD/CD. It could be a little hard for first-time users, but an ideal tool for professionals.


Step 1: Download the ONTP&RE utility to your PC and burn the ISO file to a disk. You can use an application like WizISO to do this.


Step 2: Boot your locked PC using this disk. You will see a lot of text on the screen as the utility loads. When it's done, choose the appropriate options for the next several steps. This includes choosing the edit mode, choosing the user name and then blanking the password. You can also reset the password if you like, but for this exercise you will not be specifying a new one.


Step 3: Finally, type in the letter "q" in the command line followed by Enter in order to exit the application.


Offline NT Password & Registry Editor Windows 10


Step 4: Now remove the boot disk and restart your PC. No login password will be required.

At the End:

As you can see from the above tutorials, removing password protection from Windows is no more a tricky task. A number of tools could complete the process in a minute. So there is absolutely no need to reinstall the OS as usual if you forgot the password.




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