Forgot Windows 10 Password? How to Reset Windows 10 Password without Disk

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Okay, so you take a sip of coffee, sit back, type in your password into your Windows 10 PC like you always do, and oops, it says PASSWORD WRONG! And you forgot to make a Windows 10 password reset disk, too. That is so embarrassing!


How comes the password you are using more than anything in the world seems to be wrong? The question must be intriguing your mind at this moment with the characteristic lock down of your admin account, which is the real serious problem over here. You can not see your worksheets, classified folders, and files, etc. anymore which will not give you jerk of gloom but also a loss of work productivity.


In order to come out of a condition black out to this extent, you need an Windows 10 password reset tool to help you re-access your Windows 10 admin account, which is actually the sole account giving you the whole privilege to hover every corner of your system. This article is very much capable enough to give you just exactly the zing you need- GUIDANCE.


Method 1 : How to Reset Windows 10 Password with Password Reset Tool

The easiest way to unlock a Windows 10 computer is by using a password reset tool. So we are beginning the first section of this article with Mobiledic Windows Password Recovery, a poweful and effective password reset tool since 2014. This is one of the highest calls out Windows Password recovery tools, hunching the market with popularity and positive feedbacks. Reasons are quite appeasable, for it can actually bypass Windows sign-in screen without any need of reinstalling OS freshly. Data loss is never a chance of misfortune.


No matter how complicated you set your password, and which Windows OS you are lately working with, Mobiledic can crack its way out to disable the registry keys accountable for password lock, giving you open door to account access.

Top Features of Windows Password Recovery
  • Reset Windows 10 password in less than 1 minute.
  • Also support Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • All time tech support team is available for user inqueries.
  • No special skills or broad knowledge of computers is required.
Windows version
Mac version

Step 1 Download and Install Mobiledic Windows Password Recovery Tool

Once you have done all the settings, download and install it with Windows install Wizard. Open the tool with admin privilege, and on the first UI screen you get to select the sort of media you are about to burn.


Windows Password Recovery Run


Step 2 Burn USB Disk or CD/DVD

In this step, we are going to make a password reset disk. It can be done via a USB or blank CD/DBD. You are free to choose. Now insert a blank drive, and wait till it's recognized. Choose the burning option to burn tool's ISO images according to the drive choice.


Windows Boot Settings in BIOS



Step 3 Boot from USB/DVD and Reset Windows 10 Local Administrator Password

After the burning session is completed, click "Ok" to abort it. Eject the program laden drive and insert it now into the locked Windows 10 PC. Then set the first booting media to USB or CD/DVD. Wait for the program to be loaded on the screen.


Next select your OS, and locked user account name from the list shown before you, and choose "Reboot" and "Reset Password" buttons to set the password resetting protocol in motion.


Windows Password Recovery reset


Just a minute of waiting, and you are getting the clean access to your admin account without any tumult of password lock. Clearly you can see the benefits of using this tool, but still if you wish to try out something different, you can continue reading ahead.

Windows version
Mac version

Method 2: How to Reset Windows 10 Password Online

Changing password online is the most suitable way to set things right, but you need to have your MS account password lock enabled in your Windows 10 PC before you lost your access to it. There are several services online and offline both which are run by Microsoft modules, thus resetting the password of any of those services can automatically sync the change to your lock down computer as well.


But first you need to visit the official MS live Webpage:


If you see the "I Forgot My Password" option, click on it. Cite the mode of receiving an OTP, either via mobile or recovery email ID. Upon receiving the OTP, enter it on the webpage; you will be prompted to reset your password. Do it twice to confirm the character combination and access your locked out machine again with the newly created password. Here we go, you are in. Bravo!


Microsoft account reset

But this method can not be put to use for below Windows 8 version and if you had not enabled the MS password login in the first place, carrying out this solution is hopeless attempt.

Method 3: Reset Windows 10 Password By Contacting Microsoft Support

If all your previous attempts lead you to nowhere, you can directly contact suport department of Microsoft to remove Windows login password. You will be greeted by the TechNet Help Center with a lot of security question that you filed when you first created the account or your call will be redirected to another department if you fail to answer the security questions.


Here also there will be an array of queries regarding your account usage, to specific names stored in your account to validate your administrative authenticity. If you pass with flying colors, the team will dispatch you temporary resetting code to unlock your system or log back into your Live Account.


Note: The response time is very very low as they gets tons of similar questions each day. I didn't get a reply for 7 days.


Microsoft Support Team


All the methods are equally potent enough to serve you the purpose, but you need to be decisive about what will be more suitable for your lock down situation. Mobiledic Recovery Pro is all set package of every need, so you can rely on it, but if the rest of the two methods seem appealing to you, you can move on with them as well.




Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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