Forgot Windows 7 Password? Reset Windows 7 Password without Disk or CD

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Windows 7 was the first modern Windows OS version that brought the avalanche of highest possible upgrades in the series of Windows history. But regardless of such great virtues, it was not endowed with a simpleton idea of how to allow an admin user to reset Windows 7 password after being locked down.


Once the computer was locked due to losing or forgetting the password, which is quite normal of every user to bog in, there is no chance to access the files or data. No one would afford losing important data of his or her working computer. Keeping that in note, experts have devised several tricks and trades to help you reset Windows 7 password in a number of ways. Few of which work and few do not. So sorting out the ones suitable and actually operational is pesky job.


The guide in here will save you from the trouble of doing that sorting commotion, but the rest of the following part has to be done by you. Make sure to follow the instructions as exactly as explained trying not to woo your styles and ideas in the middle that might create technical plights.



Method 1: How to Reset Windows 7 Local Admin Password with Ophcrack

Ophcrack is an old ally of computer experts, who preferred it to be the most accurate Windows Password recovery tools of all. Surprisingly, it is in usage and demand till today for its exceptional guaranteed result. Though it is laden with certain shortcomings of incompatibility with latest Windows 10 OS, and not being able to recover Windows passwords of more than 6 characters, yet it is worth giving a try if you have spare time to invest. If you prefer a faster solution, then check out the Method 2 instead.


Ophcrack Windows Password Recovery


Step 1: Download the tool from the internet directly, and burn the ISO image files embedded in the downloaded file to a drive to make it bootable.


Step 2: Restart the computer and the Ophcrack program will be loaded onto the computer. Wait till the tool loads and the driver partition name by which your PC has been registered is input.


Step 3: After the loading is done, it will display the cracked password on tool's GUI by implementing Brute Force Attack.


Step 4: Copy the password to somewhere safe from where you can access it any time.

Method 2 : How to Reset Windows 7 Password without CD or Disk

If you are tired of using various seemingly promising tools, then it is your high time to gear up with Mobiledic Windows Password Recovery to get the right, accurate, and genuine result. It is one of the highly acclaimed Windows Password resetting tools on the market.


One of the most preferred features is the simpleness of using this program. No matter you are a tech geeker or computer novice, there is absolutely no barrier for password reset with Mobiledic. The instructions are shown on the screen and the only thing you need to do is clicking the mouse accordingly.

Main Features of Windows Password Recovery:
  • Lock screen password gets bypassed in a econd with reinstallation.
  • No data is lost during the reset process.
  • Support Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 10 and Windows Server.
  • Fully compatible with legacy and UEFI boot.
  • Secured, safe, 100% efficient, and reliable.


Windows version
Mac version


Step 1 Download and Install Windows Password Reset Tool on Another PC or Mac

Find a a fully working computer or laptop for creating the bootable disk. Download this Windows password reset tool and install it on a computer. Then run it as an administrator.


Windows Password Recovery Run


Step 2 Create Windows 7 Password Reset Disk with USB or CD

Arrange a blank CD/DVD or USB drive with minimum of 500 MB storage capacity. On the first screen that appears, mention your media choice, which is offered by "USB or CD/DVD" option. Now connect your drive to the computer and go ahead to choose the burning options available according to the disk type. On receiving the "Burning Successfully!" alert, terminate the process with "Ok" button.


Windows Boot Settings in BIOS



Step 3 Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password in a Seconds

Eject the drive and reconnect it to the locked Windows 7 computer. Change the boot sequence and put the drive into first place of BIOS boot settings. The program files will start loading into the locked computer's hard drive.


After the loading is done, you will be presented with an array of already registered user accounts. Choose the one locked and click "Reset Password" button to reset the account password. Finally, take out the disk and reboot the computer. No password will be asked in next boot.


Windows Password Recovery reset


This is by far the easiest way to reset forgotten or lost password on Windows 7. No much effort invovled as well as time. That's why we recommend this method in second place.

Windows version
Mac version

Method 3: Reset Windows 7 Local Password without Using Any Software

Go to the nearest computer servicing centers available in your vicinity, and hand over the machine to the technician over there. Or you can call them at your home if you find it inconvenient to carry the heavy machine to the center.


Pay the service charge, and they will do the rest. This is one of the easiest and laziest approaches adopted so far to get rid of Windows password, but when you have nowhere to go, this is the ultimatum you can rely on. Unnecessarily tricking your computer with inexperienced hands will only lead to more catastrophes.


Computer Repair Center


Of all the methods posted above, select any one of them you find most fitting to your system configuration and password lock criteria. Use the last method only if you were left with no other solutions to gain access since it costs you a bit. After you gain full access to your admin account and create a new password to rein your domain, store it securely for future use, in case you lose or forget it again.




Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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