How to Unlock Windows 10/8/7 Password When Being Locked Out of Computer

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The sole purpose of protecting a computer with a password is to put a stop on unauthorized access. Due to security purpose, people nowadays tends to use more and more secure passwords, which are complicated and hard to guess. While this may have merits to secure your system but it can also make us forgetting our own passwords. Many users have reported that the computer was not accepting the password even if they were inputting the correct one. Hence, it will lock you out from the computer and you will never be able to access any files and programs in your computer.


Now, you may research the entire internet on how to unlock or bypass Windows 7/8/10 password but you will only come up with complex methods like using command prompts, messing up with BIOS settings and so on and even if you try them, there's no guarantee it will work. In this tutorial, we will introduce you to two easiest ways to recover Windows forgotten password so that you can access the computer again.



Method 1: How to Unlocked a Locked Windows PC by Reinstallation

Although, it may sound familiar but if you can not remember the computer password, then you may have to re-install the Windows operating system all over again to erase the computer password from the device. Now, please keep in mind that implementing this method will cause data loss permanently. Therefore, if you had any important data or documents in your primary disk then skip to the second part of this article, as this method will certainly bring more damage to your PC.


Reinstall Windows OS


Step 1: Insert the Windows operating bootable disc to your computer and restart the system. You may also consider upgrading the OS at this point.


Step 2: After rebooting the PC, your system will recognize the Windows operating system and will start the setup progress automatically. On the setup menu, you will be asked to choose the type of installation. Choose "Custom (advanced)" option.


Step 3: On the next screen, it will ask where you would like to install the Windows. Before selecting anything, first click on the primary disk name and press the "Format" button. This will erase the password from the computer as well as everything downloaded on the primary disk. Now, install the Windows operating system on the chosen drive and within few minutes, your computer will welcome you normally like before.


The installation time varies from computers to computers according to the type of specifications you have. Usually, it takes around 3 hours to fully set up the computer after reinstall. So if you don't want to take risk or have no time, then the second part is the best choice!

Method 2 : Unlock Windows 10/8/7 Password with PC Unlocker Software

Knowing the risk of losing data makes the above method quite unreliable. So let's talk about something less risky and more reliable. In this part, we will be using a viable Windows password recovery tool called Mobiledic Windows Password Recovery. This program instantly unlocks a Windows computer password even if you have used a complex more than 20 characters password. So how is this any different from other Windows password recovery tools?


Well, this password unlocking tool never deletes a single piece of data from the computer. It will not even modify any file inside the computer, so when you turn on the PC again, you will discover the same old computer you left before you forgot the password. That is kind of amazing, right?

Main Features of Windows Password Recovery:
  • Unlock Windows PC or laptop instantly.
  • Support all major Windows desktop and server versions.
  • High success rate (over 95%).
  • Testing passed on 100+ Windows PCs and laptops.
Windows version
Mac version

Step 1 Installing the Program on a Normal PC or Mac

This is the only requirement for this tool that you will have to have access to a normal computer. Don't worry, you can borrow one from your friends or siblings then install the program.


Windows Password Recovery Run


Step 2 Make Windows Password Unlocking Disk

Insert a USB pen drive to the computer then launch the program. Here, you will see two options, making a bootable disc with CD/DVD or flash drive. Click on "Burn USB" and let the program finish the task in few moments.


Windows Boot Settings in BIOS



Step 3 Start Unlocking Windows Password

Turn on the locked PC after inserting the bootable disc. The program will be loaded automatically on the main screen. Choose the main username of your PC and click the yellow "Reset Password" button. This will nullify the password and should reset the password from the computer. Finally restart the computer and pull out the bootable disc.


Windows Password Recovery reset


After removing the password from Windows, the login screen will be skipped in next startup. Your computer should no longer ask you any password.

Windows version
Mac version


Now that you have learned how to reset the Windows password, you can actually skip calling any technicians or invest in buying those high priced software from the internet. In this tutorial, we simply used two easy methods without any complications and we are sure that it was clear enough to make you understand what to do. However, beware and try to create a password reset disk of your PC so that you can use it whenever you forget the password.




Iris Bella is the Founder and Editorial Director at Mobiledic Studio. You can also find her on social network.

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